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Photo Museums: Oklahoma  

Oklahoma City
2100 NE 52nd Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - OK73111
The collections at the International Photography Hall of Fame are largely comprised of three components: Photographic Equipment, Photographic Images and a library of monographs and periodicals on photography.
Photographic Equipment
The Photographic Equipment collection encompasses a variety of cameras, darkroom and studio equipment, primarily from the 20th century. Notable items include a wide range of Graflex, Kodak and Polaroid cameras.
There are some notable 19th century photographic toys and viewers in the IPHF equipment collections: Magic Lanterns, a Praxinoscope Theatre, and an Edison Projecting Kinetoscope.
Photographic Images
The Photographic Image collection is largely comprised of late 20th century images donated by the photographers who created them. Many of these donors are/were members of various professional photographic organizations such as the American Society of Photographers and Professional Photographers of America.
Oklahoma City
415 Couch Drive
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - OK73102
The Museumís collection of photography consists primarily of works by twentieth-century American photographers. Highlights include works by Elliott Erwitt, Imogen Cunningham, Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen, and Garry Winogrand. The collection also contains over three hundred photographs by Brett Weston, donated by the Brett Weston Archive from the Christian K. Keesee Collection.
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