All About Photo Awards 2019

Annoucing Winners and Merit Awards

Winner's Gallery

All About Photo Awards 2019 | All About Photo Photographer of the Year 2019
All About Photo Photographer of the Year 2019
$5,000 Cash Prize
Mustafa Hassona
Popular resistance icon
All About Photo Awards 2019 | Second Place Winner
Second Place Winner
$2,000 Cash Prize
Christian Vizl
All About Photo Awards 2019 | Third Place Winner
Third Place Winner
$1,500 Cash Prize
Frank Machalowski
All About Photo Awards 2019 | Fourth Place Winner
Fourth Place Winner
$1,000 Cash Prize
Marco Gualazzini
The world’s most complex humanitarian disaster: the Lake Chad crisis
All About Photo Awards 2019 | Fifth Place Winner
Fifth Place Winner
$500 Cash Prize
Nando Morales
One decides, the rest follow

Merit Award's Gallery
All About Photo Awards 2019 | Particular Merit Mention

Thank You!
The fourth edition of All About Photo Awards welcomed submissions from all over the world. Photographers driven by their artistic eye and passion were selected by John Rankin, Elisabeth Avedon, Henry Horenstein, Laura Geiser, Tariq Zaidi, Anna Van Lenten, Maxim Panés, Ann Jastrab, Alex Cammarano and Sandrine Hermand-Grisel. Thank you to all the amazing photographers who submitted their work and who continue to support All About Photo! You will be able to see all the winning images and much more in the upcoming AAP Magazine Special Edition "All About Photo Awards 2019" stay tuned!

Jury Panel

John  Rankin
Photographer, Publisher and Film Director
Elizabeth  Avedon
Photography book and exhibition designer, independent curator and writer
Henry  Horenstein
Photographer, Professor of photography at RISD
Laura  Geiser
Senior Photo Editor, BuzzFeed News
Tariq  Zaidi
Photographer, Winner All About Photo Awards 2018
Anna  Van Lenten
Founder & director at LightField, curator at Half King Photo Series
Maxim  Panés
Founder & Director Dodho Magazine
Ann  Jastrab
Editor-in-Chief All About Photo, Curator, Writer & Educator
Alex  Cammarano
Founder and CEO of Daylighted
Sandrine  Hermand-Grisel
Photographer, Founder & Editor All About Photo

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