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Extended Deadline February 23, 2024

Solo Exhibition

Be Featured in our March 2024 Online Juried Solo Exhibition!

© Jaume Llorens, December 2023 Solo Exhibition
March 2024 Solo Exhibition
This competition is now closed for entries. Thank you to all who entered this year!
Stay tuned, the winner will be chosen on or around February 29, 2024.
The exhibition will be available and promoted online after March 01, 2024.
Get International Exposure and Connect with Industry Insiders, Art Collectors and Potential Buyers

Permanent Exhibition On All About Photo Online Gallery

Winner's artwork will be featured in our showroom for a month (including artist's statement, biography and link back to the artist's websites), and then permanently accessible in our past exhibitions. Winning artist will also be marketed and promoted extensively through All About Photo website (home page and photographer top stories, featured photographer and article sections).

Your Work Showcased To Our Social Media Community

The winner will be promoted on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, with links to his website and social media during his Solo Exhibition month. The winning photographer will also be featured in a newsletter sent to thousands of artists, friends and industry experts giving him the opportunity to share his work with a wide audience and potentially seize new opportunities.

International Visibility and Press Exposure

The winning artist receives press coverage from publications and media outlets around the world. Past winners have been featured in major publications including The Times UK, National Geographic Espana, The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Eye of Photography, Digital Camera World and Competences Photo. The Solo Exhibition will also be promoted on Art.Base.Co, Private Photo Review, Visura, and ArtConnect.

The Times
National Geographic
The Sun
Daily Mail
The Eye Of Photography
Digital Camera World
Competence Photo
Art Base
Private Photo Review
Art Connect
Xataka Foto
The Photophore
My Modern Met

Expert Juror

Exhibitions need not only take place in galleries, need not only involve displaying objects. Art can appear where we expect it least.
- Hans-Ulrich Obrist
Swiss art curator, critic and historian of art
© Jaume Llorens, November 2023 Solo Exhibition

Awards & Benefits

Online Solo Exhibition Winner

Online Solo Exhibition Winner Receives:

A Solo Online Exhibition from March 1 to March 31, 2024
Solo Exhibition revealed in our Competition Gallery and the New Showroom pages.
Solo exhibition published on the Home Page, our 'Top Stories', our 'Featured Photographer', 'Photo Exhibitions', and 'Article' pages.
Winning work available for sale with no commission fees.

A Permanent Exhibition on All About Photo Online Gallery
Solo exhibition permanently accessible in our past exhibitions as well as in our article directory.
A permanent page showcasing 20 images also featured in our Photographers Directory.

Work Showcased to our Social Media Community
Winning photographer profiled via our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.
Solo Exhibition published in our Newsletter.

International Visibility and Press exposure
The winning artist receives press coverage from publications and media outlets around the world. Past winners have been featured in major publications including The Times UK, National Geographic Espana, The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Eye of Photography, Digital Camera, and Competences Photo.
Solo Exhibition promoted on Art.Base.Co, Private Photo Review, and Visura.

© Jaume Llorens, November 2023 Solo Exhibition
Look at lots of exhibitions and books, and don't get hung up on cameras and technical things. Photography is about images.
- Fay Godwin

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter?

  • Open to all photographers of any level worldwide

  • Is there a theme?

  • Open Theme

  • How many photos can I enter?

  • The artist must have at least 6 cohesive photographs for the solo exhibition but may present up to 14.

  • What is the cost of participating?

  • $45 (US Dollars) for up to 14 photographs. The purpose of this entry fee is to support our administrative and advertising costs. Should works sell through our online solo exhibitions, there will be no commission for All About Photo and artists will retain 100% of the sale price.

  • What is the schedule?

  • Competition opens: January 27, 2024.
  • Competitions closes: February 23, 2024.
  • Judging process starts: February 24, 2024.
  • Judging process ends: February 29, 2024.

  • How do I send my images?

  • If you have not already a profile on All About Photo, you have first to register on our website. Then you will be able to log in and to upload your photos in your gallery. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EDIT YOUR SUBMISSION NOR TO ADD MORE IMAGES AFTER THE PAYMENT HAS BEEN PROCESSED. PLEASE REVIEW YOUR COMPLETED ENTRIES BEFORE PROCEEDING TO PAYMENT.

  • What size and format should I upload photos in?

  • No Watermarks.
  • Saved as JPEG or JPG.
  • Resolution of 72 dpi.
  • Grayscale or RGB profile.
  • Layers must be flattened.
  • Digital file should not exceed 2 MB.
  • Longest dimension should not exceed 1200 pixels, with a minimum size of 200 pixels.

  • What about copyright?

  • All About Photo recognizes you, the author of the image, retain full ownership of the copyright in each Entry.
  • If you are the artist who is selected for the Solo Exhibition you are granting All About Photo a non-exclusive perpetual license to reproduce your submitted images on www.all-about-photo.com and in marketing to the public. All About Photo also has permission to crop or re-size images to fit the needs of the marketing platforms.

  • Who pays taxes?

  • The winner is responsible for paying any taxes in his/her country.

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