Stephan Zaubitzer

French Photographer
Stephan is a photographer since 1991. His work was selected in 2004 by ths World Press Photo awards. Stephan Zaubitzer became a photographer at a very early age. By exploring different techniques and formats he found a very unique style, easily readable and sometimes even spectacular, in which light plays an essential part. In the early 90s in Paris, he took part in several activities including the adventure of the Autre Journal, which revived the artistic scene in magazines for a while. He also associated with Tendance Floue, a collective that has now become indispensable in the French photographic landscape. In parallel to his work for the press, he also works on commission for private and public institutions. Twelve years later, his photography encounters film. In this period of considerable technological changes, he bears witness by identifying every dark room and open-air cinema. He travels and collects images in order to constitute a rich cultural heritage. The Silver Screens project has been awarded in several occasions to: the World Press Photo in 2003, the nomination to Roger Pic award in 2006, an exhibition at the Mois de la Photographie in 2008, a grant from the SCAM in 2011.
Source KissKiss BankBank
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