Mario Giacomelli

Mario Giacomelli
Italian Photographer | Born: 1926 - Died: 2000
Giacomelli was a self-taught photographer. At 13, he left high school, began working as a typesetter and spent his weekends painting. After the horrors of World War II, he turned to the more immediate medium of photography. He wandered the streets and fields of post-war Italy, inspired by the gritty Neo-Realist films of Vittorio De Sica and Roberto Rossellini, and influenced by the renewed Italian photographer Giuseppe Cavalli, and developed a style characterized by bold, stylized compositions and stark contrasts.

With the death of Mario Giacomelli (1925-2000) Europe lost one of its most talented photographers. Trained initially as a typographer, his early interest in graphic effect became a key part of his later photographic work. Winner of numerous medals and prizes, he acheived international status through numerous exhibitions throughout Europe, America and Japan. His highly personal, artistically atmospheric visual style demonstrates a life-long preoccupation with landscapes that emphasize linear, abstact patterns, rural townscapes, streetscenes and portraits of everyday Italian life. His work displays a profound understanding of the country and its people and a mastery of form and effect that make his photographs imaginatve works in their own right.
Selected Books:
Under The Skin of Reality: Treasures from the Sassoferrato archive
Author: Mario Giacomelli
Publisher: Schilt Publishing
Year: 2015 - Pages: 152
Mario Giacomelli left us in 2000 with two different archives with his work one in Sassoferrato and one in Senigallia. Since 2007, the heirs of Mario Giacomelli became directors of the photographic heritage, taking over the management from Photology in Milan. In this book, Giacomelli's granddaughter reveals some images of the Sassoferrato archive that contains about 12,000 photographs and the techniques the photographer used.
The Black Is Waiting for the White: Mario Giacomelli Photographs
Author: Mario Giacomelli
Publisher: Contrasto
Year: 2009 - Pages: 256
In this wonderful book Mario Giacomelli’s most appreciated collection of landscapes, street scenes, still life, and portraits of everyday Italian life are combined with a unique and unseen new series.
Mario Giacomelli
Author: Alistair Crawford
Publisher: Phaidon Press, Incorporated
Year: 2006 - Pages: 428
Born in 1925, Mario Giacomelli died in November 2000. He trained initially as a typographer, and his early interest in graphics became a central part of his later photographic work. Winner of numerous medals and prizes, he achieved international status with exhibitions in Europe, America and Japan. He was intimately involved in the preparation of this book, which was the last major project he undertook, and represents the best of his long career as a photographer and artist. This comprehensive survey demonstrates Giacomelli's highly personal, striking and artistically atmospheric visual style. Each chapter is a carefully chosen sequence of photographs on a particular theme (some with accompanying poems which inspired the sequence).
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