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Photo Schools & Classes: Tennessee  

1930 Poplar Ave.
Memphis, Tennessee - TN38104

The MFA in Photography program allows students to develop their aesthetic and conceptual core while working in the medium of photography. Students work with graduate advisors to develop a photographic body of work that is contemporarily relevant while challenging the genre of photography. Photography is an ever-changing medium and therefore students are allowed to work traditional or experimental aspects of photography. The flexible studio electives allow students to work with imagery while developing technical proficiency in photography, book making, papermaking, metals or any of the studio classes offered at MCA.

590 Cheron Road
Nashville, Tennessee - TN37115

A career in photography can take you anywhere from the runways of New York to the mountains of Tibet. Photographers capture moments that would otherwise go unseen and unnoticed and make a way for them to live forever. They bring mundane objects to life and allow the audience to see the world from a new angle.

Professional photographers are able to create images that relay specific messages through combining their own unique style with a vision. They not only have a good eye for what looks right, they are also technically skilled. From fashion to commercial art and the news, images that tell stories are necessary in every business.

The wide range of skills and hands-on experiences with the latest equipment that Nossiís photography degrees offer our students gives them a competitive advantage in the job market.

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