Photo Schools & Classes: Kentucky  

521 Lancaster Ave
Richmond, Kentucky - KY40475
The B.F.A. in Photography will provide you with the abitlity to acquire knowledge about and experience in the technical and aesthetic matters specific to photography as well as develop your own personal photographic vision. This program begins with ART280: Photography I where you will begin by learning basic photograhic techniques using a manual camera and black and white film. This course introduces you to:

the effects and uses of light, value, shape and form;
controlling motion and depth of field;
using a light meter to affect negative film density;
basic black and white film processing;
black and white printing techniques;
understand basic principles of photography and using these in alternative and experimental projects;
develop critical thinking abilities at each stage of making a photograph;
develop observational skills and;
communicate design elements and principles through photography;

As you progress through the B.F.A. program in Photography, you will further develop skills in:
digital photography;
color photography;
experimental photographic techniques;
using computer software programs such as Adobe Photoshop to manipulate and enhance your photograhy;
digital photographic printing techniques;
using natural and artifical light in your photograhy;
communicating your personal style through the use of the photograhic medium;
critiquing photograhic works and helping other B.F.A. students create their portfolio and;
developing your own portfolio and preparing for a gallery show.
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