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7704 Greenwood Avenue North
Seattle, Washington - WA 98103
When it comes to printing pictures, printing from an average store with average paper and gloss doesn’t always cut it. High quality photo printing is done by professional printing companies that specialize in printing exclusively. A professional printing company will have the equipment and the time to dedicate to printing your pictures properly. The search for such a company has now been made easier with the services of Moonphoto Lab. Moonphoto Lab started out as a relatively small photo printing lab and quickly grew to a respectable and well known printing company. We specialize in printing both black and white and color photographs. We are located in Seattle and our desire is to deliver the highest quality and unique looking photographs to our customers. We develop true black and white photographs by hand, which not a lot of photo labs do. This gives us an edge over other photo printing companies. Have an old photograph that you’re not sure can be salvaged? Bring it by Moonphoto Lab. Our Seattle archival print services will help to print this picture or restore it to the granduer. We can print both large and small prints, including large photographic prints. We have been able to provide the finest digital printing services and photo restoration. We use fiber and resin coated papers, which are simply the best quality paper for photographic printing.
900 12th Avenue
Seattle, Washington - WA 98122

The facilities at Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) are open to all individuals from amateurs to professionals to hobbyists. Individuals may reserve a space in the darkroom, digital lab, or studio up to a week in advance of the desired appointment date. If you are new to PCNW, you will be asked to participate in a free orientation of the facilities which covers equipment use, check-in procedure, safety issues and policies.

David Bailey: SUMO
David Bailey: SUMO
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