Camera Repairs: South Carolina  

197 East Saint John Street
Spartanburg, South Carolina - SC 29306

Is your film or digital camera or lens broken, or not working correctly, or just needs to be checked out?
We can send off Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic and several other camera brands for repairs.

It is not just new cameras either?
Many of the old classic film cameras, manual focus and antique cameras and lenses can be repaired. The only problems are parts availability and cost. Not all old cameras are repairable be cause the parts are no longer available, even from scavenged parts. In some cases the technology to make those parts was replaced with something so completely different the necessary parts cannot even be made now. But if the meter is out of adjustment or the parts can be scavenged from another old camera then even the antiques can be repaired. The second problem being the cost. Often the cost of repair can exceed the replacement cost of buying the same model, used camera. This is where the personal/emotional or nostalgic value is the primary consideration. We will do what you would like.

We do sell some minor repair parts for Nikon, Canon & Pentax cameras, and we do some minor repairs in house, in addition to our digital camera sensor cleanings. Call for availability.

We will quote cameras that are brought in, we cannot repair binding quotes over the phone since there are several factors to look into when inspecting cameras for repair. Repairs can average 6 weeks as parts are available.

David Bailey: SUMO
David Bailey: SUMO
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