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iPad for Photographers: Master the Newest Tool in your Camera Bag
Author: Jeff Carlson
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Year: 2013 - Pages: 240
Apple's latest iPad tablet has been an incredible success and generated a lot of interest from photographers soon after it was released. Instead of hauling a laptop along on vacation or to a photo shoot, a photographer can bring the lightweight iPad and take advantage of its large screen, third-party software, and online access. The iPad is great for reviewing photos on-site using something other than a camera's small LCD, editing photos, presenting a photographer's portfolio, and more. This fully updated 2nd edition of the iPad for Photographers will help novice, intermediate, and pro shooters to: Get photos onto the iPad. Import using the camera connection kit. Take photos with the iPad. Back up photos. Copying photos from memory cards; using iCloud Photo Stream as online backup; uploading files to Dropbox; and so on. Organize your photos. Rate photos and assign tags in the field--instead of waiting until you get home! Edit photos on the iPad. Share photos with others: iCloud Photo Stream, play on an Apple TV, and more. Create your portfolio. Use portfolio software to give impressive presentations to prospective clients. Great for wedding photographers meeting people face to face, for example. Video. Edit clips in iMovie, create slideshows, rough cuts, and more. In addition, photographers will learn other clever uses for their iPad, such as triggering the shutter using an iPad; using the screen as a fill flash; storing PDFs of camera manuals, books, etc.; and much more!
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