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2nd Tour Hope I don
Author: Peter van Agtmael
Publisher: Photolucida
Year: 2009 - Pages: 112
Peter van Agtmael was born in Washington DC in 1981. He studied history at Yale, graduating with honors in 2003. From 2006-2013, he primarily covered the post-9/11 wars and their consequences, working extensively in Iraq, Afghanistan and the USA. He is currently making extended works on the Israel- Palestine conflict and on wanderings through the USA. He has won the W. Eugene Smith Grant, the ICP Infinity Award for Young Photographer, the Lumix Freelens Award, and the Aaron Siskind Foundation's IPF Grant, as well as awards from World Press Photo, American Photography Annual, POYi, The Pulitzer Center, The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, FOAM and Photo District News.
Buzzing at the Sill
Author: Peter van Agtmael
Publisher: Kehrer Verlag
Year: 2017 - Pages: 192
Buzzing at the Sillis Peter van Agtmael’s exploration of the United States in the shadow of the post 9/11 wars. A sequel to his critically acclaimed Disco Night Sept. 11, it begins on a dusk flight over an anonymous landscape, moving unsentimentally- and sometimes surreally- into images of race, class, war, memory, torture, nationalism, family, and place. The images have a troubled beauty that avoids polemic and cliche. Short texts throughout explore the experiences that led to this distinct vision.
Disco Night Sept. 11
Author: Peter van Agtmael
Publisher: Red Hook Editions
Year: 2014 - Pages: 276
Magnum photographer Peter van Agtmael's vivid and emotional memorial for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Carla Van De Puttelaar: Beholder
Author: Carla Van De Puttelaar
Publisher: Carla Van De Puttelaar
Year: 2008 - Pages: 72
The intimate and delicate nude portraits of this Dutch photographer are characterised by an alienating sensuality. This new series of images, in which Van de Puttelaar depicts women in full length for the first time while retaining every breathtaking detail of their skin, draws its inspiration from the painters Cranach and Botticelli.
The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits
Author: Hellen van Meene
Publisher: Aperture
Year: 2015 - Pages: 256
Over the last 20 years, Hellen van Meene has produced a complex body of work, offering a contemporary take on photographic portraiture. Characterized by her exquisite use of light, formal elegance and palpable psychological tension, her depictions of girls and boys on the cusp of adulthood demonstrate a clear aesthetic lineage to seventeenth-century Dutch painting. Van Meene captures the intimacy in the photographer-subject relationship, bringing out a sense of honesty and vulnerability from within her models and highlighting the beauty of imperfection. She carefully poses her subjects in their environments to emphasize their fragility, adding a palpable tension to the photographs. At the same time, she captures them at deeper, more introspective moments-masterfully moving between the staged nature of the portraits and the real experiences of her subjects. The combination of van Meene's instinctive understanding of the universality of adolescent experience and the highly intimate collaboration between photographer and model makes for powerful portraits that resonate long after viewing. This book brings together more than 250 images, for the most comprehensive presentation of the artist's work to date.
Pierre Verger
Author: Pierre Verger, Jean Loup Pivin, Pascal Martin Saint Leon, Pierre Verger
Publisher: Power House Books
Year: 1997 - Pages: 240
Photographer Pierre Verger believes that "photography enables us to see what we don't have time to see, for it is fixed. What's more, it memorizes, it is memory." For Verger, who traveled the world and immersed himself in the cultures of the people he photographed, these images capture his history. For others, they convey a sense of history--personal and cultural. These light-drenched photos of images--a small-town Mexican carnival in the '30s, Brazilian dock workers in the '50s, a Peruvian trapeze artist in the '40s, and 1937 Shanghai street scenes--present a portrait of a world now lost amidst decades of war and political and social upheaval. Verger believed that along with his profession came the role of messenger, connecting people of different cultures via his revelatory portraits. And his success in that endeavor is evident in the sheer force of these images, truly a testament to people in another place and time.
The Moth Wing Diaries
Author: Lori Vrba
Publisher: Daylight
Year: 2015 - Pages: 88
The Moth Wing Diaries is a photographic narrative addressing themes of memory, providence, revival and dreams, by native Texan photographer Lori Vrba (born 1964). Vrba's surreal landscapes and portraiture explore the artist's sense of conflict and ultimate peace with the Southern terrain.
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