Natalie Krick: 2017 Portfolio Prize Winner

December 09, 2017 to February 03, 2018
Natalie Krick: 2017 Portfolio Prize Winner
547 West 27th Street
New York - 10001 NY
Natalie Krick's series Natural Deceptions explores the temptations and degradations that can be found across the spectrum of feminine identity and selfhood. Made in collaboration with her mother and sister, Krick's colorful photographs infuse imagery found in fashion campaigns or celebrity portraiture with her own witty inflection.

Krick's multilayered, visually complex photographs challenge the viewer to consider the layers of self, of destiny as defined by heredity and family resemblances, and of projections of what we want to see. "My mother, my sister, and I perform for each other, for the camera, and ultimately for you," says Krick. "We impersonate each other and ourselves, emulating imagery that taught us to be beautiful." Each photograph becomes a puzzle, an optical illusion that plays with the nature of photography as it relates to aging, the hypersexualizing of women in popular culture, and perceptions of identity.

About the Aperture Portfolio Prize
The purpose of the Aperture Portfolio Prize is to identify high-quality work by new voices in contemporary photography. When choosing the first-prize winner and runners-up, Aperture's editorial and curatorial staff look for innovative bodies of work that haven't been widely seen in major publications or exhibition venues.
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