Lucie Photobook Prize

Close on June 29, 2018
Lucie Photobook Prize
Territory: Worldwide
Theme(s): Photobook - Several Categories
Eligibility: Photographers, editors, and curators are all welcome to submit their books. Eligible books include exhibition catalogues, prototypes, proposals, independently published, self-published, traditional, limited edition, multi-artist, multi-author, single-author, intersectional, zine, handmade, reissue, and more!
Entry: $55 for first submission
Prize: Cash Prize
The Lucie Foundation is proud to offer two cash prizes to the top two finalists for their outstanding work – one Traditional $3,000 cash prize and one Independent $2,000 cash prize. The Lucie Photo Book Prize will coincide with the Lucie Foundation’s programming in New York City this fall, which includes the prestigious 16th Annual Lucie Awards, the 4th annual Lucie Technical Awards and our sister-effort, the International Photography Awards Best of Show. The top 30 finalists will have their work displayed in New York City in October 2018.

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