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8 Mistakes Photographers Make In Blogging

Posted on December 28, 2018 - By Freddie Tubbs
8 Mistakes Photographers Make In Blogging
8 Mistakes Photographers Make In Blogging
Photography blogging is one of the most popular types of blogging for many reasons. People love the photography and photographers usually have a lot of interesting stories to tell from their trips or encounters.

However, some of them make mistakes that could cost them their audience and reach. In order to avoid these mistakes, you have to understand who your audience is and what it is that you really want to share.

Here are some of those mistakes and creative ways to fix them.

No consistency

Make a decision on your posting schedule and stick with it. If you do decide to make changes to it, it's better to let your audience know. You have several options here. For one, you could post daily. This will require more work on your part - you will have to come up with an interesting topic each day. Some people find it easy in the beginning and then end up blocked because they run out of ideas. A more realistic schedule would be if you could post a few times a week, for example on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can also post once a week or once a month but more frequent posting will help you gain more viewers and more engagement.

No unique voice

For being a successful blogger, you need a unique voice. Just plain old school writing will not do. If people wanted that, they would read an encyclopedia or a textbook rather than a blog. So, even if you are writing about various technical aspects of photography like lenses and so on, try to incorporate your unique voice into the writing.

Be funny, interesting, engaging. Don't just copy the Wikipedia stuff to your posts. People expect and want more, says Brenda Farin, a blog writer and editor at Studentwritingservices.

Too many images

Just because you are a photography blogger, it doesn't mean that you should only post images. For one, it can be bad for SEO. How will people find you if you include no relevant keywords, have no room for link building or building authority? You need some text for this, even if it is only a snippet.

The fact is that images on their own are not that entertaining - you need the right combination and balance between text and images for it to work perfectly. Describe what's on the images, what it means to you, what your experience with it was. This is what will make the image mean something to your readers. They will also connect with you better and be able to learn something from that. Make sure that you combine text with images.

Not being sure about your ideal reader

You need to be sure about who your audience is and what they want from you if you want to be successful. Create a customer persona - the demographics, the behavior and so on. When you figure out all of this, then you should start writing and marketing the kind of content that will work for that kind of audience. Be true to that writing and that voice, says Tina Uton, blogger at Topcanadianwriters.

Being too informal

While casual tone of voice is preferred online, being too informal can make you annoying. There are certain boundaries that you really shouldn't cross if you want to remain relevant in the online world. For instance, swearing too much or saying things that are inappropriate.

Poor content accuracy and readability

While your main focus may be to show off your photography, you might need to put some focus on your written content. You need to leave a good impression and grammar and spelling mistakes can only ruin that. Formatting for readability is also important. Here are some tools that will help you fix that:

- Grammarix and Study demic are online grammar checkers and writing guides which can fix your grammar mistakes.
- Boomessays are there to help you generate catchy titles, subheadings and keywords. These will draw the readers in and this tool was recommended by Bestbritishessays.
- Letsgoandlearn is a formatting tool that can help you create plenty of white space and make your content more readable.
- Academized are online editing and proofreading tools that are there to fix various mistakes you make in your writing.

Not grabbing their emails

One of the perks of having a blog is that you can easily get the email of your readers and it would be a mistake not to. This way, you can send them your new posts, inform them if you start selling your photos, merchandise etc. It would make a lot of difference, because then people would be returning to your blog for tips and stories rather than forgetting about your blog.

Not communicating

Writing is essential for good blogging but it's more than that. You need to learn to write in a way that communicates with people. You also need to write comments that spark conversation and make people respond to you. You should also interact with other bloggers or photographers.

Blogging can be hard but if you have the right knowledge and understand your mistakes, it can be a lot easier. Hopefully, these tips will help you.

Freddie Tubbs is a communication and marketing manager at Bigassignments. He also works as a part-time blog editor at Revieweal and Essayroo.
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