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7 Places on University Campus to Jumpstart Photography Inspiration

Posted on October 18, 2018 - By Jacob Dillon
7 Places on University Campus to Jumpstart Photography Inspiration
7 Places on University Campus to Jumpstart Photography Inspiration
The photography industry, like any other industry full of creatives, is constantly in a state of flux, growing and changing in remarkable ways. Young people are taking up the passion every day and coming in with fresh ideas of their own about where photography should go as an industry. They're not only trying t be better at it than those who came before them, but they are also changing paradigms on what constitutes beautiful photography the definition of art is growing as a result.

Any creative sees most of its development driven by the youth. Creativity is ultimately the province of a young mind. No one will disagree that a child is just about the most creative and adventurous human being you will ever find. They have fresh eyes and a fresh mind with which to interpret the world around them. They're also a lot more receptive to the possibilities and won't simply shun them in favor of the status quo. We can say they have no preconceived notions. Older people have been tempered and conditioned by their experiences and the doctrines that have been passed onto them from those above them over time. In a way, their creativity is greatly hampered by this.

The photography industry works pretty much the same way. Actually, any creative industry works the same way. As you get more and more experience, you get set in your ways and you stick to a certain philosophy and way of doing things. You stick to what has always worked through a mixture of wisdom and fear of change. This isn't necessarily bad since there is a lot of benefits we get from the veterans of every industry. However, it also comes with a major drawback: you become reluctant to explore and experiment. It generally becomes harder for you to try out new things because your tolerance for failure reduces.

A young person just starting out, on the other hand, suffers no such issues. They have their whole career ahead of them and are willing to try the road not taken. These are the people who take the industry further and redefine it from what they have inherited from their predecessors.

And yet, as a student, you will face quite a lot of difficulty getting inspiration when you're starting out. If you spend most of your time on campus, then familiarity will soon creep in and you will feel like you see and experience the same things every single day. It can be hard to get inspiration in such an environment. Perhaps that is why many student photographers prefer to travel to faraway exotic places when they need some inspiration.

We had a chat with David Blixen from EssayOnTime. He writes about photography and other creative arts and started his passion in college, like many other budding photographers. He gave us some tips about where you can get inspiration on campus. Here are seven places he recommends visiting or at least seeing through new eyes when you're looking for inspiration.

The Cafeteria
The school cafeteria is a key hub in the school. It is the nexus where people from all over the campus, with their interests, cliques, eccentricities and so on come together to eat and just hang out. It's very hard not to see something new and vibrant in an environment like this. If you're used to sitting at a specific spot in the cafeteria, then try to switch things up; go to a different spot or sit with a different group of people. Take your time to look out for people you don't regularly see. Study them. What makes them tick? What's special about them? Can you figure out what their best and worst moments are? Go over and make friends and ask them if they would mind a candid photo. You'd be surprised how much great material you can get this way.

Coffee Shops
Like the cafeteria, the coffee shop is another special hub where different people meet. Here you will find a lot of different characters ranging from students to faculty to casual outsiders. There is certainly a different quality to a coffee shop than a café because the overall atmosphere is different. People aren't here to eat. They're here to take coffee and power either their socialization or their work. This is yet another mood to find them in and capture them in their most candid moments.

The School Quadrangle
If your school, like many others across the country, has a well-manicured quadrangle, then you can get some pretty cool stills from this place. Take things from as many different angles as you can. You would be surprised at the perspectives you might have missed before.

Classrooms have a lot of camaraderie and bring students together in a beautiful way. Have you ever tried to take some still during class? What about after class? What about when the janitors are around doing the cleaning? You could make some great friends while getting some great shots. You also get lots of opportunities for experimentation.

The Library
People don't just come here to study, they come here to explore. They come to find new knowledge or review the old. It is a house of knowledge either way and captures a different aspect of humanity. You could get some great shots of people in their academic element here.

School Architecture
Lots of schools around the country have some great architecture. Have you ever taken a moment to wonder how you could best bring it out in a picture? Show the world the architectural marvels your school has to offer from a different perspective. The beauty about beauty is that it reveals different aspects of itself depending on the observer's point of view.

Be as Random as you can
Sometimes the best way to produce masterpieces is to embrace randomness. This applies to photography just as well as it applies everywhere else. Take a picture of the cats you see on campus, or the dogs. Take pictures of the technicians at the labs as well as that lone flag on the school quadrangle. All of these provide great opportunities for creativity. You might be surprised at the results.

About Jacob Dillon
Jacob Dillon is a professional writer and distinctive journalist from Sydney. Being passionate about what he does, Jacob likes to discuss stirring events as well as express his opinion about technological advancements and evolution of society. Find Jacob on Twitter and Facebook.

7 Places on University Campus to Jumpstart Photography Inspiration

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