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6 Tips to Create a Winning Photography Resume

Posted on July 05, 2018 - By Grace Carter
6 Tips to Create a Winning Photography Resume
6 Tips to Create a Winning Photography Resume
Lots of photographers have impressive portfolios, but neglect their resume. Your resume is im-portant and a big part of what will get you the jobs you want. Here are six tips to create a win-ning photography resume.

Use the right format

A standard resume format will not allow you to communicate your level of creativity and skill. Use a photographer's resume format. Include sections for skills and technical expertise, and in-clude a digital portfolio. Your best marketing strategy is an impressive visual presentation. The internet and digital photography have changed how clients hire photographers. Integrate your digital portfolio into your resume so that one flows naturally into the other, advises Thomas Clutter, writer at Essay Help.

Your personal profile

Your personal profile will include your name and contact information. For the sake of your pri-vacy, you may not want to have all this sensitive information on the first page. People can be careless and leave your resume lying around. If you create a nice cover page with your name and a photo you're proud of then you reduce this risk. You can put your information on the se-cond page, be sure to include a phone number and email address.

Talk about your education and experience

State the institutions where you studied, how long you were there, and the degree you ob-tained. List your education in reverse chronological order. For your experience, put the name of your employer, your job title, and how long you held that title. Don't write any more than four points per job, and include the most details for your most recent job.

Do you have a specialty?

Your resume will look much more appealing and professional if you tailor it to a specialty. You've probably worked in more than one kind of specialty, so pick one you enjoy, are especial-ly good with, or have the most experience in. Or, better yet, you can tailor your resume's spe-cialty to reflect the job you are applying for. You're much more likely to get that job as a wed-ding photographer with a resume tailored to wedding photography than a resume full of prod-uct photography experience. Some specialties require certain pieces of equipment, so make sure to include that you have that equipment and the knowledge to use it in your resume.

Include samples of your work

Don't fall into the trap of sending out your same best photos on every resume. Why? Because you should include samples that are relevant to the job you're applying for. It's quite common for people to intersperse their samples throughout their resume. This is not recommended be-cause it can be distracting to the reader; keep the written and visual aspects of your resume separate.

Use online tools for help writing the perfect resume

Writing isn't easy for everybody, so don't be afraid to get some help from the professionals. Here are some good resources to get you started:

- StateofWriting and Simple Grad: Check out these grammar guides for help making sure your resume doesn't have any grammatical errors. Don't take any chances with your resume, get some help from the experts.

- Resume Service: This is a resume service you can access for help improving and tailoring your photography resume.

- UKWritings and Elite Assignment Help: These are online proofreading tools, suggested by UKServicesReviews, you can use to make sure your resume is polished and free of errors.

- WritingPopulist and ViaWriting: These are writing resources you can use for help improving the quality of your resume. Even experienced writers can benefit from some extra help now and then.

- EssayRoo and BoomEssays: These are editing tools, recommended by review, you can use to go over your resume for mistakes and typos.

- MyWritingWay and AcademAdvisor: Check out these career writing blogs for ideas and sug-gestions on how to improve your resume. You'll find posts by people who have successfully written photography resumes before.


Many talented photographers put a lot of effort into creating a stunning portfolio, but then drop the ball by not putting that same effort into creating a good resume. A photographer's re-sume is important and crucial to landing the kinds of jobs you want. Use these six tips to create a winning photography resume.

Grace Carter is a web designer at Write My Essay and Paper Fellows academic services. She works with UX team and developers. Also, Grace reviews resumes at OX Essays writing website.
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