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Workshop with Arja Hyytiainen - Pied Dore

Posted on May 20, 2016 - By Arja Hyytiäinen
Workshop with Arja Hyytiainen - Pied Dore
Workshop with Arja Hyytiainen - Pied Dore

12-16 July 2016

The five days at Pied Dore (12th July to 16th of July) situated on the countryside of Vendee, will focus on a ongoing project and/or the primary interests of the photographer. The starting point is the question who am I. I would like you to work on a storyline that is the most important to you right now, photograph and work on the individual private space, transform your fears and dreams into images; work with the starting point on your identity. Turn the skin inside out.

I believe in translating emotion into images, feeling and experiencing life through photography, seeking and questioning, trying to see behind the visual reality. I'm interested in personal, self-experienced stories, the very individual language of expression.

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