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Godox LD75R, LD150RS & LD150R RGB LED Panel Lights

Posted on September 05, 2021 - By Manuel Delgado
Godox LD75R, LD150RS & LD150R RGB LED Panel Lights
Godox LD75R, LD150RS & LD150R RGB LED Panel Lights
Godox has three new RGB LED panel lights, the LD75R, LD150RS, and LD150R. Godox is mainly known for its affordable spotlights, but this is their first foray into larger-sized RGW LED panel lights.

The company produces a wide range of pulsed and continuous light, but powerful LED light panels are a new addition to the range. All LED panel light models offer CCT, RGB, HSI, and FX operating modes, and gel filter kits are available for light modification, including ROSCO and LEE gels.

We have been looking at several of Godox recent COBs in the past few months (including the ML-60 and the SZ150R COB RGB LED) and over the past few years, the company created a very extensive line of COBs and more recently tube lights as well. The new family of LD lights we shall look at today is the company's entry into pro-level RGB panels.

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Godox LD150R LED Panel
The Godox LD150R panel is the largest of the three led light panels, measuring 74.8 cm x 43 cm x 10.75 cm and weighing 6.3 kg. Color temperature range from 2500 to 8500K and a 60° beam angle. The output is 17,500 lux at 3.3 ‘/ 1 m, which is slightly less than the LD150RS's output.

The light can be run off mains power or via a battery using the built-in V-lock battery plate. The fixture draws 150 W which allows you to remotely power it in the field from flight safe batteries.

The LD150R can be controlled using the onboard dials and buttons or wirelessly through Bluetooth, DMX, and Wi-Fi.

The panel's high CRI/TLCI ratings of 96/97 are indicators of advanced accuracy in the rendering of colour. You can adjust the magenta/green balance for greater precision, as well as adjust light intensity from 0 to 100% for further versatility. One of the advanced functions is RGB mode, which employs its LEDs to access literally over 16 million colour combinations for optimal choice ability.

With dimming from 100% down to 0%, you can quickly adapt the light to any scene without adding ND filters or diffusion, since yet another perk is the light's LEE Gel library. Furthermore, the light has 14 special effects that lend realism to your shoot.


Godox LD150RS LED Panel
The Godox LD150RS LED panel has a physical dimension of 53.2 x 51.3 x 10.75 cm and a weight of 5.1 kg. Color temperature range from 2500 to 8500K, and also a beam angle of 60°.

The lamp can be operated both from the mains and the battery, consumption is 150 watts. It also has a range of preset buttons that allow you to store settings.

Like the other units, the LD150RS can be controlled using both the controls on the body and via Bluetooth, DMX, and Wi-Fi. The LD150RS has an output power of 18,500 lux at 3.3 ‘/ 1 m.

Godox LD75R LED Panel
The smallest light in the new line. The Godox LD75R LED panel measures 44.19 x 40.64 x 10.67 cm and weighs 3.5 kg. The color temperature range is from 2500 to 8500K, and the beam angle is 60 °. The lamp is capable of operating from the mains or a battery with a V-shaped lock. Consumption of 75 W, which allows you to work in the field for a long time.

The LD75R can be controlled using the onboard dials and buttons or wirelessly through Bluetooth, DMX, and Wi-Fi. Like the other siblings, it also has a range of preset buttons that allow you to store settings.

The lamp also allows you to memorize user presets. 32 channels and 16 groups are offered for control. Power 9320 lux at 3.3 ‘/ 1 m. Light quality CRI 96, TLCI 97. In this case, you can also notice the USB interface.


When it comes to pricing, the Godox LD75R sells for $800, the Godox LD150RS sells for $990, and the larger Godox LD150R for just under $1000.

Size: Depending on each model
DMX, Manual, Wireless Phone Control
RGB Mode
Wired & Wireless Remote Control
CCT: 2500-8500K, CRI/TLCI: 96/97
Lee Filter Library
14 Special Effects
0-100% Dimming
Colour Presets
32 Channels, 16 Groups
150W RGB LED Light Panel
Max LUX output 17500
Includes barndoors

Built quality
The body of the lights is made of hard plastic that feels durable and high quality. The handles on the backs make it easy to hold on to and move the panel. This is practical while you're adjusting the pitch of the light, especially if you have the barn doors or softbox on any of them.


For connectivity, there are ethernet and 5 pin DMX ports, a USB port for firmware updates on the bottom of the light, the power input, and a power switch.

On-screen menus are great when a unit is on the ground, but can be frustrating once you have rigged a unit up into the rafters, which is where DMX and app control become really useful. DMX integration is going to be great for larger sets and setups where you have the time to set up a DMX panel and program it properly.

On smaller productions, the integrated app is going to be your best bet and is both intuitive and powerful. You can get going controlling the light quite quickly without a lot of fuss and there is a lot of control at your fingertips.

Through the app, it is possible to adjust all of the settings quickly and from a long-distance. This is quite convenient when creating YouTube videos and small productions. The app connects via Bluetooth, and is compatible with other bluetooth Godox lights as well. You can add multiple Godox lights to the app and control them all through one interface.

Using the app, you can also bring up the entire R-Gel/L-Gel gel library to match with pre-created colors from R-Gel/L-Gel gels. This is great for when you are communicating with other team members, matching previously created looks, or even matching lights on the set.

The silent mode lets you focus more on the content without any hums or noise interference. The fans are responsible for cooling the device, the grilles of which can be seen in the back of the lights. The fans can be silenced and they aren't that loud while you're in front of the light. Since they are pointed at the back of the panel and the panel is so large, microphones shouldn't be able to pick the sound as easily. This is a great point for video productions.

The soft-sided case that comes with the lights is made of the same material that other Godox cases are made from and formed to fit the light and all of the accessories. The honeycomb grid and softbox fit into the zippered compartment in the lid. The power box and light sit in the main section.


The softbox (sold separately) comes with diffusion, grid, and a carrying case to keep everything in. The total width from the back of the light to the front of the softbox is around 33 cm. You can use the softbox with or without the barn doors since there are wires in the softbox to keep it upright. If you're traveling with this light and want the lightest configuration possible, you can leave the barn doors at home and travel with only the light and the softbox. The honeycomb directs the light and avoids light spilling on the sides.

The USB Port links your lights with a firmware upgrade system. This will keep you updated with the latest lighting technology at anytime, anywhere.

Godox LD series dare a welcome addition to their portfolio. These lights are becoming bigger, brighter, quieter, and more connected, but they do come at a price. Light panels are more expensive than the chip on board lights like the UL series but compared to other brands, the Godox LD line is more affordable, while still offering great quality.

Also, it is important to highlight the portability capabilities of these lights, which means that any of these three models will be a good option for lighting a studio or working outdoors. Using the remote control or the app is also a convenient solution to operate the lights from a long distance.

In the same way, this product line seems to target photographers and videographers equally, due to the possibility to control and modify the lights to illuminate a subject or background efficiently, while boosting creativity. Possibilities are almost infinite.

Time will tell if the Godox LD series can compete among the big players from this specific market. We look forward to seeing results from content visual creators regarding video production and stills.

Kehinde Olaleye

© Kehinde Olaleye

Kehinde Olaleye

© Kehinde Olaleye

Kehinde Olaleye

© Kehinde Olaleye

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