YPA, Young Photographer Award, 2016

YPA was organized by Beatrice Chassepot, Founder and Editor of be-Art magazine.

Congratulations to Andrea Abrego who won this first edition at Venice Arts on May 14th, 2016.

She won:
One of her photographs will be chosen by Isabelle Mesnil, Judge & Owner of NextLevel Galerie, and exhibited in a group show in the gallery in Paris, FRANCE
Her Portfolio will be shown online on be-Art magazine,
She will become part of be-Art magazine's "Emerging artist" selection,
Her portrait and a selection of photographs will be shown on All about Photo.com

The prestigious members of the jury were: Isabelle Mesnil, Gallerist
Barbara Davidson, Photo Journalist
Ken Gonzales-Day, Photographer
Sandrine Hermand-Grisel, Photographer and Editor All About Photo
Beatrice Chassepot, Art Critic and Editor be-Art magazine

Andrea's Statement
My project is about women who have gone through unexpected challenges that have made them stronger. The idea was inspired by my mother and aunt, two of my role models. As a single parent, my mom worked from sunrise to sunset while studying, raising a family, and struggling to pay off debts. Although she tries to hide it, you can see what she's has been through deep in her eyes. Both my mom and my aunt have inspired me by achieving their dreams while living independently. When my uncle passed away, my aunt had to work long shifts in factories and beauty salons to support her sons.

All of the women in my pictures were photographed and interviewed about the challenges they have faced and how those struggles changed their lives.

Congratulations Andrea for this beautiful project! We can't wait to show your entire portfolio on All About Photo and to follow your work from now on!

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