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Robb Hill - Homelands: Fragments

Robb Hill - Homelands: Fragments

From July 07, 2017 to August 26, 2017
Homelands started as a documentary project to record the land where I grew up before big machines altered it. I’ve been returning to Utica, Indiana, several times a year for the last 13 years to hike the trails and fields I played in as a kid. With each footstep, I look for fragments of the world I once knew so well. An abandoned car stripped of chrome by friends is now little more than a pile of rust. A thick stone wall surrounding a small family cemetery still stands after a century and a (…)
House of Surprises/Twinsburg

House of Surprises/Twinsburg

© Kathryn Allen Hurni
Throughout every stage of photography exists the act of encountering. As a photographer I'm confronted by my vision, or particular desire to photograph a specific subject amongst a crowd. I'm confronted by obfuscation; am I capturing the subject's truth, or mine- does it matter? In many ways, the act of engaging with photography is like stepping in front of a mirror and encountering some version of the self. And I wonder how it is to have a physical reflection of the self with a twin: some (…)
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Luigi Avantaggiato
Born in Zurich in 1984, Luigi Avantaggiato is a Rome based freelance photographer specialized in documentary, editorial, and cross-media project. He started working as a documentary photographer after his doctoral studies in Visual Studies, which helped him to develop a profound interest in global social and environmental issues. Because of his work he has visited several countries in the world in state of emergency: Lebanon, Iraq, Colombia, Greece, Kosovo. His images have been published in (…)
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