Fourth Place Winner: Tadao Cern

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© Tadao Cern
Title: Comfort Zone
Name: Tadao Cern
Nationality: Lithuania
Comment: Once we find ourselves on a beach � we start acting in an absolutely different manner. If the same rules were applied beyond the borders of the beach � people would care less about what others may think about them. This in turn would show how different, interesting and beautiful we truly are.

I am Lithuanian artist, who, in 2010, decided to stop being an architect and try something new - photography. This led to my series of wind-swept portraits, �Blow Job�, a new interpretation of Van Gogh's self-portrait and a documentary photo project of beach sunbathers called �Comfort Zone�.

I am very much interested in comparison of different thing that help me understand how media, environment or various conditions may affect viewers perception about some certain themes and things.

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