Second Place Winner: Jackson Patterson

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© Jackson Patterson
Title: Red Barn
Name: Jackson Patterson
Nationality: USA
Comment: Through photomontage I am exploring the narrative that emerges between subject, space and time. The work reflects various photographs that I have taken merged with others from my family�s albums. I find myself inspired by the stories that come in to focus when we collocate the medium of photography with 21st century technological practices, the cultural influence of our country�s migration west, and the personal history of family. Each blended piece possesses its own original story, in addition to insights about representation, fabrication, and visual language.

In creating this project I have found that they are not only my family's stories, but are stories that exist throughout the west and beyond. They are stories of perseverance, pride, struggle, life and death. They are human stories intertwined in a majestic landscape.

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