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Modern Photographers - Letter K

Cory Johnson & Neil Kremer
Cory Johnson & Neil Kremer
Courtesy Cory Johnson & Neil Kremer
Nationality: American
Neil Kremer & Cory Johnson are Los Angeles based COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHERS specializing in CONCEPTUAL PORTRAITURE and creative advertising & editorial imagery for clients worldwide. Their work has been featured in campaigns for companies big & small, displayed in museums & galleries across the country, and showcased in magazines around the globe. Their unique blend of dramatic lighting and post production allows them to create illustrated and cinematic feeling (…)
  • Mariska Karto
    Mariska Karto
    Courtesy Mariska Karto
    Nationality: Dutch
    Mariska Karto is an artist/ fine art-photographer born in Suriname (South-America) and raised in the Netherlands.

    In this age of rapidity and technical development, in which human is exposed to impersonal detachment of current technical era, Mariska Karto creates the vulnerable and intensive dimensions of human feelings and emotions. This all happens in the dreamworld she has created with her technique in which past and present have found their way to each other, in (…)
  • Hendrik Kerstens
    Hendrik Kerstens
    Courtesy Hendrik Kerstens
    Nationality: Dutch
    Born: 1956

    From Danziger Gallery
    Since 1995, Dutch photographer Hendrik Kerstens has been photographing his daughter, Paula. His photographs have been collected by museums around the world and have inspired taste-makers as diverse as Elton John and Alexander McQueen. (McQueen, in fact based his Fall 2009 collection on Kerstens' image of Paula with a plastic bag as a (…)
  • Eric Kim
    Eric Kim
    Courtesy Eric Kim
    Nationality: American
    Born: 1988
    My first interest in street photography happened by chance. I was standing at a bus stop and I saw a man with horn-shaped glasses reading a book. There was something so genuine and unique about the moment. My heart was palpitating and the second I brought my camera to my eye, he looked directly at me and I instinctively clicked. My heart froze, but I made my first street photograph, without even realizing it. Being interested in both street photography and the approach, I (…)
  • Chuck Kimmerle
    Chuck Kimmerle
    Courtesy Chuck Kimmerle
    Nationality: American
    From chuckkimmerle.com
    Despite knowing little about photography at the time, I knew I was destined to make my living as a photographer when I received my first camera, a Canon Canonet QL17 GIII, as a high school graduation present. The entire process mesmerized me. I was hooked. However, a prior enlistment in the U.S. Army Infantry, which began shortly afterwards, put that dream (…)
  • Bear Kirkpatrick
    Bear  Kirkpatrick
    Courtesy Bear Kirkpatrick
    Nationality: American
    Born: 1965
    Bear Kirkpatrick’s work has been exhibited at the Center for Fine Art Photography (Ft.Collins), The Rayko Center (San Francisco), wall-space Gallery (Santa Barbara and Seattle), photo-eye Gallery (Santa Fe), Flowers Gallery (New York), and the PRC Gallery (Boston). His Wallportrait series was recently awarded a solo exhibitions at the Center for Fine Art Photography by Amy Arbus who juried the Portraits 2014 exhibition. His work has been published in Eyemazing (Netherlands),(…)
  • Karen Knorr
    Karen Knorr
    Courtesy Karen Knorr
    Nationality: American
    Born: 1954

    From www.karenknorr.com
    Karen Knorr was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and was raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico in the 1960s. She finished her education in Paris and London. Karen has taught, exhibited and lectured internationally, including at Tate Britain, Tate Modern, The University of Westminster, Goldsmiths, Harvard and The Art Institute of Chicago. She studied at the (…)
  • Vassi Koutsaftis
    Vassi Koutsaftis
    Courtesy Vassi Koutsaftis
    Nationality: Greek
    Born: 1952
    Vassi Koutsaftis has explored the globe for over 30 years, specializing in travel photography – of the extreme kind, especially in the mountainous regions of Himalayan, the Karakoram, Hindu Kush and other very remote areas of Asia. Born in 1952 in Athens, Greece and crossed the world’s oceans working on cruise ships and freighters. That was just the beginning for he continued to examine our planet traveling to remote areas on his own, then from the air, when he went on to (…)
  • Antonin Kratochvil
    Antonin Kratochvil
    Courtesy Antonin Kratochvil
    Nationality: Czech/American
    Born: 1947
    Antonin is a founder of the VII photo agency.
    As photojournalists go, Antonin Kratochvil has sunk his teeth into his fair share of upheaval and human catastrophes whilst going about his documentation of the time in which he lives. As people go, Kratochvil's own refugee life has been much in the way the same as what he has rendered on film. Kratochvil's unique style of photography is the product of personal experience, intimate conditioning and not privileged voyeurism. (…)
  • Lisa Kristine
    Lisa Kristine
    Courtesy Lisa Kristine
    Nationality: American
    Born: 1965
    Acclaimed humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine specializes in images of remote indigenous peoples. Best known for her evocative and saturated use of color, her fine art prints are among the most sought after and collected in the world. Lisa has documented in over 100 countries on six continents, using a 19th century 4×5” field view camera for the majority of her work.

    Lisa Kristine was born in San Francisco, California, on September 2, 1965. She developed an early (…)
  • Ferit Kuyas
    Ferit Kuyas
    Courtesy Ferit Kuyas
    Nationality: Turk
    Born: 1955

    From www.feritkuyas.net
    Living and working near Zurich, Switzerland, Ferit Kuyas fully commited himself to photo-graphy in the eighties after graduating from law school. Working mainly on personal projects, he published several books. After visiting Shanghai for commissioned work, Ferit’s travels brought him often back to China. His most recent book publication is City of Ambition with (…)
  • Kim Kyung Soo
    Kim Kyung Soo
    Courtesy Kim Kyung Soo
    Nationality: Korean
    Born: 1975
    Born in Seoul, Korea in 1975
    2002 Bachelor Degree in photography, Sangmyung University, Seoul, Korea
    Lives and Works in Seoul, Korea

    From www.galerieparisbeijing.com
    When Vogue Korea asked Kim Kyoungsoo, a renowned fashion photographer to realize a series of fashion portraits that would (re-actualize) the traditionnal Korean costum ((…)
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